Working With Individuals & Teams

Working With Individuals & Teams

Working with individuals and Teams

Studies have shown that we have younger leaders today. We also know that most millennials say that their leadership skills need improvement, and one of the best ways to improve those skills is through coaching.  As a leader, you have too many people depending on you and we already know that even people like you need help. So these sessions are designed with different ways to help you manage your day today business like decision making process, direction, management opportunities, skills. This session time allows you to delve in the issues at hand giving you insights that you would not get from an average meeting.


In-house Team Training

These sessions are designed to improve performance and work competences through 2-3 hour sessions. They are available for managers and non manager staff members with topics on ownership, staying organised, managing time, and working effectively with a manager and you get to choose from our list of packages what suits you best. We offer our training in a manner geared towards the efficiency of your team and tailor effective programs to set them up for success in the least amount of time possible.



Many leaders and managers know the importance of mentoring yet most of them are not willing to set aside time or are not motivated enough to serve as long term mentors. This is why we have carefully crafted a time designated to our clients that desire to have  individual guidance in all the facets of life. We also walk the journey with newly formed managers to set a pace that accelerates their performance.

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