Welcome to the #GoalsWithKLH

Our goal is; To support your transformation into the best leader and manager you envision yourself

Join us   as we start 2023 with zeal to get through it and live our lives the best way we can. This year’s theme is derived from the famous quote “Rome was not built in a day.”. The public session is 2hrs short and you shall see more details in the registration form.

You can use this form to register for one of the sessions on January 14th, 2023 9am Or book privately a date when you are able to block off an uninterrupted 3hrs to participate in the session.

Many times we think about the 365 days in a year as a year. But have you thought what effect that much in time could magnify the daily disciplines you shall choose as guided in the session. Make time and be with us at a fee of 70,000Ugx.

We can’t wait to have you!

Executive Management Coaching

Our goal is; To support you on your journey to becoming a better manager wherever you work.

KLH welcomes you to join us this August for an exciting and career enhancing 12 module program for managers and aspiring managers dubbed the “Executive Management Coaching” experience.

Each session is planned to be 3hrs short 🙂 and promises to be an amazing time of learning and sharing insights in the work sphere, business or office setting. You can view the modules in the registration form,  For more information and a full experience please register here.

We cannot wait to walk with you on your journey to becoming a better leader and manager.
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