For 13 years I have worked with children and dealt with very many child-minders concerning parenting it’s been interesting and eye opening. As of this year 2018 in January my role was changed from children’s counseling and discipleship coordinator to adult counseling and discipleship that meant I had to manage adults. 

I was so negative about the new role because I always knew that it’s easy to manage children than adults and had no experience concerning managing people and the work.

I don’t regret ever signing up for the management class the amount of confidence the 8 weeks have done is so evident in my leadership skills and it’s been so much fun carrying out practicums every week at work and actually seeing the outcomes there and then.


Delegating effectively – I struggled with delegating as a leader because I didn’t trust that people would do exactly what I wanted so I ended up doing all the work myself and burying myself so deep that I would get tired, but out of this lesson I have learned that there is a delegation cycle that’s makes delegation very simple and also helps you stay engaged. I have practiced this at my work place and it has freed me to do other things and yet still win on other projects and I have come to realize that when you delegate your actually growing people.

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 Managing yourself and exercising authority – I have worked in places that have made it seem like authority means being tough, rude and pushy to get people to do their work and respect you but that is not true from the lesson learned from this topic. I have learned that I don’t need to be a wimp or a tyrant to get people to work or respect me I need to be assertive and still know am dealing with human beings that have emotions. Even when I have had to reprimand am careful not to be emotional because at the end of the day it’s the same person that you will need to accomplish tasks.

Secondly from this class I had to learn to clear my email box because I didn’t have the culture of reading and clearing my emails which would make me miss out on important things that need immediate attention. As a practice of late I read my emails first thing in the morning and respond to the ones that need feedback and get rid of the ones that are just crowding up my space and that has contributed to my working smart.

Effective check- INS – My attitude towards check -INS was always negative because what was portrayed was check –ins were only done when something was wrong but from this class I have learned that they are used for coaching, teaching, mentoring, managing, developing and feedback, now my check –ins with my adults are more meaningful and have directions and so are our weekly meeting, there is very good collaboration and coordination as a result for this practice.

Managing the people –Hiring superstars – My most outstanding lesson was the hiring process (must haves and nice to have) I have used this hiring process to find a manager and our interview was very effective.

Identifying and addressing performance problems – Greatest lesson learnt when addressing performance issues is I need to address the issue and not attack the person. I have also practiced addressing problems forthrightly and effectively without being emotional.

My practices during and after the 8 week class

  • On boarding new staff and old staff after tour
  • Weekly effective meetings
  • Weekly check-ins with the teams
  • Managing my mail box.
  • Exercising my authority
  • Effective feedback
  • Delegating effectively and following up
  • Putting more emphasis on coaching, teaching ,mentoring and leading by example
  • Am more aware of my super powers and aligning them with my leadership style

I have truly enjoyed my 8 weeks of the management class am never turning back to the kind of leader I was before the class.