Counselling, Conversations & Care

Counselling, Conversations & Care

These face to face sessions are designed to provide a sounding board and a safe place for individuals of all ages to talk about the issues troubling them and help them find their own solutions to the problems or develop better ways to deal or cope with the problem. The sessions are a series of eight one hour sessions that can be scheduled with intervals suggested by the client.


We also offer Parenting classes. These session are designed to give knowledge, change attitude and give skills on minding  children to become responsible and disciplined adults.its designed  for parents, teachers, nannies and guardians.


Behavioral Change Communication

This program is designed to support children in and outside school settings with helping them understand WHO THEY ARE, WHERE THEY ARE GOING, and HOW TO GET THERE which eventually helps them make informed decisions as productive community members. The curriculum helps children acquire knowledge, change attitude and acquire skills that help them wade through the crucial stages of adolescence and teenage years to prepare them for a successful life.

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