KLH is a locally owned and run management consulting firm that provides management coaching to entrepreneurs, team leaders and managers.”

We use coaching as a mode to enhance corporate competency and performance through result-based solutions, effectively combining processes, people and systems, designed to match clients individual requirements.

KLH realizes the need to be better at changing quickly, better at growing and developing from within, and better at creating strong internal customer-supplier relationships. We seek to build and sustain a leadership position in the regional market, through fast responses, continuous innovation for customer satisfaction. This is achieved through the introduction of enthusiasm, inspiration, motivation, loyalty and building corporate culture and values to comply with our strategies. KLH believes in client Focus and Loyalty through providing quality solutions coupled with commitment in a teamwork environment.

Meet The Team

Brian Ssennoga
Founder& CEO

Brian is  the founder and coach at Kampala Leadership Hub Ltd. Brian continues to curate his skills in developing leadership skills among young people, training and development, capacity building, coaching, mentoring and creating scalable Models for unemployed youth to serve their communities.

Brian previously served as an Alumni Program Manager at Global Health Corps and as Alumni Chapter President Uganda, Director of Uganda Center for Open Source Software, I.T Manager at Watoto Group, Communications and Documentation Officer at Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and ICT Manager at International Health Sciences University, Technical Officer at Uganda Chartered HealthNet and Uganda Health Information Network

The future of the continent lies in the young people. Education will be key, but even more importantly, mentorship and coaching from elders and managers.

Brian has a Masters of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology at Amity Business School and a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) at Makerere University of Kampala.

Barbara Namuli
Operations Associate

Barbra is one of the minds behind Through the years she has helped administrative offices go from functional to highly productive, from principals to operations managers she has gathered the tools that you will need as a manager.

In 2015, Barbra worked with a personal coach that helped her build a pattern of new habits that she believes transformed her work and personal life. Barbra currently works with Kampala Leadership Hub as a facilitator, and also runs the operations of the hub.

We all have the desire to have someone to help us manage pivotal decisions and deal with the stress that comes with that, and remain productive while doing that.

She also holds a postgraduate diploma in public administration and management and has garnered management experience with management teams at Makerere University and Watoto Ministries

Board of Directors

The Kampala Leadership Hub Board of Directors will be formally constituted at their first seating, in Q1, 2020.

Company info

Founded: Aug 2017

Registered: June, 2018


Our mission is to raise the next generation of business and organization leaders who will drive Africa’s growth and development.


A new generation of African business and organizational leaders.


We believe in excellent management because we know that Managers create and sustain environments that allow other people to flourish and thrive; and organizations to excel beyond measure. We are committed to providing a space where managers can think about and outside their routine work.

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Excellence in execution of the pursuit  of quality results is the foundation of the management of our business. We aim to deliver for you a great experience. Therefore, it is our heartfelt commitment to consistently serve you in a way that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. KLH strives to actively pursue the improvement of quality services in ways that enable each member of our team to serve by performing the tasks right; first time and every time.

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