Managing and Developing People

Welcome to our September 2020 Session – Managing & Developing People

People are the true assets of your business. Not only managers but employees also know this truth. Therefore it is one of the main roles of every manager to see that these people leave better than they come in. This adds to the business or organizational results in the long run. The faster your people develop, the quicker the results and the more likely they are to stay.

When your people see that you are deliberate about their development, preparing them for future assignments.. Imagine how committed they will be to the current tasks. How loyal they will be if this development is also for their personal growth. Join us on Saturday 12th September in session on “Managing and Developing People” and an online session on 19th September (details on registration form).We will share with you more, hear from fellow managers and others on how they have managed their people and got them better than they came in. Registration fee is 50,000Ugx.  We are deliberate about helping you become a better manager by filling your toolbox.

Have a question? Unsure whether this session is right for you? No worries – email us at or call on 0782 849 579, and one of us will reach you at your preferred contacts.

We cannot wait to host you.