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We provide coaching and consulting for managers that need to improve performance. Through coaching we identify areas of need (low performing areas) through discussion, repeated observation or regular follow-up to ensure that high performance practices become part of your processes. We focus the conversations about work, goals and based on the insights, some actions must be taken to aid the expected change or progress. We give executive managers a one-on-one coaching experience to help them hit their targets. We also coach mid level managers that need to improve performance. Group coaching can only thrive if the group has a connection therefore we coach teams as well. We chose the coaching model because through coaching we can have people perceive, understand and be able to act on their issues with minimum guidance which is a sustainable process.

A true leader is one who remains committed to a higher purpose that most others do not yet see. I have studied great people and one common thing I found among them is Legacy.

Tony Elumelu, Founder, The Tony Elumelu Foundation & Chairman, UBA.




We know that training is the role of every manager. So we give you ways to take up this role with ownership, and no hesitation. Training gives team members the opportunity to increase their knowledge base and tool-set in order to perform better. We offer our training in a manner geared towards the efficiency of your team and tailor effective programs to set them up for success in the least amount of time possible.

Office Hours


Team managers need thought partners off of whom they could bounce their ideas. At times organizations need a new set of eyes to see their problems. This call-in service allows us to reserve a block of hours, which staff or managers can use to meet with a management coach to work through a management problem. Coaches can be requested for any subject of interest and clients might bring in a colleague for whom they would like to establish clarity on a particular aspect of management and or leadership. This time allows you to delve in the issue at hand during which several insights about your work processes are got.  Coaching hours can be utilized for follow up sessions for participants who have had our coaching or as a form of assessment for organizations that desire to have the coaching.




Our work is to have honest conversations with managers that help them understand their responsibility in the effectiveness of an organization. We walk the journey with newly formed managers to set a pace that accelerates their performance. We share our expertise with you in a relational way so that you quickly absorb the changes of your new role and stay comfortably in charge. N Many companies do no offer enough support for employees to succeed in their careers which is why we chose to show the required interest in your work so that we build if not loyalty, the realization of how valuable you are at your workplace.



Our strength is in helping you improve the management aspect of your business because we believe that all things rise and fall on leadership. We share our expertise and knowledge in managing self, people and strategic thinking for managers to provide new perspective for fresh growth of your business or organization. We serve at the level where you need help including coaching individual employees or advising at top level management and for every problem we put together a team of the most appropriate and experienced expertise to ensure that we help you solve your problem and realize improved performance.

Team Buildings


We are sold out to ensuring that your team members produce results that exceed those that you usually settle for. Which is why for teams that are struggling to produce even expected results, we have modeled activities that any team size can engage in to help them improve their level of productivity at work. We factor in the busy schedule of your executive management team and custom design programs that raise self awareness and improve communication with such tight knitted teams

Office Fun Days



When people feel sad for reasons related to or non-work related, their productivity depreciates, they communicate less and act very withdrawn. The things that make us sad are inevitable, however, we have all experienced that when we are surrounded by happiness whether from family, friends, or colleagues, we actually cope better. Investing in making your work place more enjoyable may look like a luxury that you can not afford. We are here to remind you that employees that have fun at their place of work are very likely to evade the negative effects of stress and anxiety. About sixty five percent of employees collaborate and interact on a daily therefore to improve this cohesion should be every manager’s ardent pursuit. Because of this, we engage teams in social ‘play’ activities which in turn triggers creativity and improves productivity among employees.

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